When Is Cannabis CBD – When Is It Marijuana?

Cannabis Is No Longer TabooCannabis Sativa Plant

For those of us who educate ourselves about Cannabis, it is no longer taboo! Education is key! Not all Cannabis is created equally. The stigma that has surrounded Cannabis for so long is beginning to fade thanks to medical studies, scientific research, and people like me who’s passion is to educate the masses of this God given natural plant.

For those of us who have chosen to rely on a holistic approach vs man-made pharmaceuticals, with all their nasty and often times deadly side effects,  Cannabis is a God-send!

Sometimes I have to giggle to myself and wonder how many people go home and pray for my soul when I tell them that my business revolves around  cannabis products.

Below is a short yet informative video that explains when Cannabis is CBD & when it is marijuana.

What are your thoughts after watching the video? Did it clear up the misconception you may have had about cannabis? Is it still taboo in your eyes?

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