The Inside Story Of Cannabidiol – In Layman’s Terms

One of the first videos I watched  Homeostasis A Dynamic Balancewhen starting my journey into CBD was, Inside Story Of Cannabidiol with Dr. Asher Milgrom, Phd. The reason I was, and still is, intrigued with this presentation was how Dr. Milgrom explains the physiological effects of CBD on the human body and the benefits it provides in layman’s terms.

It is my hope, that you will have a better understanding about Homeostasis (a dynamic balance),  how CBD works at the level of the system of balance, not at the level of symptoms that pharmaceutical drugs work at, and how CBD is an indispensable catalyst of optimal health through our bodies own natural endocannabinoid systems.

The Inside Story of Cannabidiol – In Layman’s Terms from Suzette Hershberger on Vimeo.

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