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Why CBD Stands Apart From The Rest
Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

At CBD BioCare, we have 4 different strengths of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. These strengths range from 500mg to 1500mg. All our oil comes in 1oz/30ml sealed, dark, glass bottle. As you can see from the chart below, there are 25 servings per bottle and 600 drops per bottle.
Notice from the chart below that you can actually save money in the long-run by purchasing the 1500mg.

CBD BioCare Serving Chart
CBD BioCare Serving Chart   

Where Do I Begin With CBD?  

A question that is often asked when beginning to use  CBD is, how much  should I take? Taking CBD is not like the usual  OTC (over the counter) medicine, or pharmaceutical drug that a doctor prescribes. What makes CBD different is the fact that we already have CBD in our bodies. It is the endoccannabinoid system. 

Unlike traditional medicine that treats the symptoms, CBD works with our own natural defenses to combat & repair what is causing the symptoms.

Gary Uremovich – A retired Physicians Assistant for 40 years, now a Health Coach, explains  how to begin taking CBD – such as the best mg and serving size, possible side effects etc…

You can access that video here at ==> How Much CBD Should I Take 

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CBD BioPet Care 

We Care For Pets Too!
CBD For Pets

Did you know that our pets can benefit from CBD extract just as we do? Because, anything with a backbone has an endocannbinoid system. 

What does that mean? Our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is recognized by endocannbinoid system whether it be humans or animals. 

Today, even Veterinarians are seeing the results when using CBD for conditions such as anxiety, stress, tremors, and seizures.


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